6 Best Griddle Pan Alternatives

The griddle pan is one of the most versatile and useful pieces of cookware you can own. So what do you do if you don’t have it? What griddle pan alternative can you use? Let’s find out.

To me, the idea of a griddle pan is quite appealing. It’s like a big, flat cast iron skillet but it has little divots in it to keep your food from sliding off.

The little divots also give you those nice lines on your food, making it look more like you’re eating at a restaurant than at home. You can cook things like grilled cheese, pancakes, or even burgers with a griddle pan.

So what are some alternatives to a griddle pan? Whenever you lack a griddle pan in your kitchen try these alternatives; frypan, indoor grill, electric stovetop grill, broiler, cast-iron pan, and outdoor grill.

What Is A Griddle Pan?

A griddle pan is a flat or shallow pan that is used for cooking food on top of a stove. They are usually made from cast iron and have a non-stick surface.

Griddle pans can be found in many sizes, from small ones that will fit on an electric stovetop to larger ones that are suitable for outdoor cooking.

The griddle pan is designed specifically for cooking pancakes, eggs, and bacon on top of the stove without burning them by using less heat than a traditional skillet would require.

You can use a griddle pan on the grill, in the oven, or even on top of your stove for cooking a wide variety of delicious foods.

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Most people think that griddles are only good for creating thin pancakes or eggs over easy, but they are actually very versatile! With some creativity and imagination, you can use them to make everything from burgers and steaks to stir-fry dishes and even grilled cheese sandwiches.

6 Best Griddle Pan Alternative


Frypans are readily available in most kitchens thus making them a great substitute for griddle pans in cooking various types of foods.

Griddle Pan Alternatives

Whether to use a frypan in place of a griddle pan or not will highly depend on what you intend to cook since some foods cooked in a griddle pan cannot be perfectly cooked in a frypan.

Cast-iron Pan

Cast iron pans are a great tool for any kitchen that can be used to replace griddle pans.

They’re extremely durable, they heat evenly and they work on the stovetop, in the oven, under the broiler, and on a campfire or grill.

Griddle Pan Alternatives

Having a cast iron skillet allows you to cook food evenly and quickly. Cast iron is also great for searing meat and cooking it at a high temperature.

It can be used for frying and baking. It is best known for its capability of making crispy pancakes.

Cast-iron is good at retaining the flavor of your food so you won’t miss a thing when using it in place of a griddle pan.

The problem with using a cast-iron skillet for cooking pancakes is that sometimes it can be too hot and burn the pancakes. If you want to avoid this from happening then use other alternatives.

Indoor Grill

Another possible alternative for a griddle pan is the indoor grill. Its nice flat surface makes it a perfect griddle pan substitute.

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Griddle Pan Alternatives

Just like a griddle pan, an indoor grill is commonly used to cook breakfast such as pancakes, toast, or grilled cheese sandwiches thus making it an ideal alternative.

Also, consider the food you intend to cook before deciding to use an indoor grill in place of a griddle pan for the best results ever.

Electric Stovetop Grill

An electric stove top grill makes a great alternative for a griddle pan as it cooks food like a griddle pan therefore you’ll get similar results when you use it in place of a griddle pan.

The electric stove top grill uses a unique self-healing system to cook food thus making it a great griddle pan alternative for making sandwiches and other low-fat foods.

This is an easy-to-use alternative as it comes with temperature gauges for various foods thus all you have to do is to set the temperature and relax.  Also, you can either use the bottom or the top grill to make your food.


Though most people may doubt this, it’s possible to use a broiler in place of a griddle pan but you need to rediscover and be a little more creative.

The broiler cooks foods faster with its intense heat thus making it a perfect griddle pan alternative for cooking different meats, veggies, and other roasted foods.

One advantage of the broiler is that it uses little oil thus giving you healthy foods every time.

NOTE: Always set the rack away from the fire depending on what you intend to cook

Outdoor Grill

Just like the indoor grill, you can use your outdoor grill to replace a griddle pan whenever need be.

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An outdoor grill will allow you to enjoy the fun of outdoor cooking while giving you tasty and perfect results just like the griddle pan.

Food cooked on the outdoor grill will be loaded with earthy, smoky flavors that you just can’t get from the other griddle pan substitutes thus making it a great alternative if you wish for the earthy and smoky flavor.


Is A Griddle Pan Worth It?

The answer is Yes. A griddle pan is worth having in your kitchen as it allows you to make various breakfast foods such as pancakes, french toast, eggs, cheese sandwiches, home fries, and many more in minutes.

Why Does Food Stick On My Griddle Pan?

The main cause for this is putting food on your griddle pan when it’s not hot enough to cook. This causes a chemical bond between the food and the pan thus making your food stick.

To prevent your food from sticking, perfectly preheat your griddle pan and add a little before putting your food


The above is a possible griddle pan alternative that you can use whenever you don’t have one in the kitchen.

Before choosing any of the above alternatives, make sure to consider the food that you intend to cook since different cookware will give you different results.

Some of these alternatives will be good at cooking certain foods and not other foods that’s why you should understand which cookware is suitable for cooking certain food.

All in all, these alternatives are worth a try and you won’t regret it. All the best!

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