Best Kitchen Faucet Under $200

The center of attraction of any kitchen is the sink area that’s why it’s important to invest in a quality faucet which in most cases tends to be expensive. How about getting an affordable yet high-quality faucet? Here you will find the best kitchen faucet under $200.

Most faucets with high-end functionality tend to be expensive but I am here to provide you with a list of inexpensive faucets with high-end functionality just like the expensive ones.

However, finding affordable and high-quality faucets can be a challenge at times that’s why I am here to provide you with a list of the best kitchen faucets under $200 that you can buy from the market today.

Our list comprises well-reviewed faucets from popular brands that will fit your budget and give you a reasonable value for your money.

I will also provide you with a buyer’s guide to help you choose the perfect faucet under $200 that well suits your needs and preference.

8 Best Kitchen Faucets Under $200

1. Moen 87028SRS Edwyn Spot Resist Stainless 1Handle Deck Mount Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

This is a great faucet for under $200 with a combination of modern functionality and ageless style making it able to match any kitchen’s design.

The pulldown spray head featured in this faucet with a reflex system ensures smooth operation, easy movement, and secure docking to improve the overall functionality of this faucet.

This faucet features two spray functions that allow you to effortlessly switch between an aerated stream for everyday cleaning and a powerful rinse for heavy-duty applications. Power Clean technology, on the other hand, is responsible for an exceptionally strong concentrated spray.

The single-lever design of this faucet lets you easily control water temperature and pressure for effortless cleaning. The high-arc design on the other hand makes it easy to wash and fill large pots and pans.

This one-handle pulldown kitchen faucet comes with the Duralock Quick Connect System that allows for easy and simple installation and can be mounted on single, two, three, or four-hole sinks and countertops.

The Moen 87028SRS Edwyn Pulldown Kitchen Faucet comes with a spot-resistant stainless finish that is resistant to fingerprint and water spots thus keeping your kitchen looking cleaner and making cleaning a breeze.

One feature I like about this faucet is the attached soap dispenser for better functionality.

Best Kitchen Faucet Under $200


  • It has a stainless finish
  • It features a pulldown spray head with a reflex system
  • Features dual spray functions
  • It has the single-lever design
  • Features the high-arc design
  • It has one handle
  • Uses the Duralock Quick Connect System
  • It comes with a soap dispenser.

2. Lufeidra Kitchen Faucets with Pull Down Sprayer Commercial Industrial Spring Single Handle

Another choice for the best faucet under $200 that is easy to operate and install is the Lufeidra Kitchen Faucet. It has an overall height of 16 inches thus making it ideal for most kitchen sinks.

Its unusual spout reach of 9.4 inches allows for splash-free operation. The spout has a height of 4.6 inches to create more space to operate when the nozzle is not removed.

This concealed sprayer kitchen faucet has two water modes to meet your daily cleaning needs. The stream mode is responsible for filling water quickly and accurately into the container without sputtering while the spray mode is for rinsing the dishes for a large area thus making cleaning easier.

This is a high-quality kitchen faucet that will last you for years without replacing it and with no leakage or bursting.

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The water pressure button design for the sprayer head of this spring kitchen faucet prevents leakage and extends the life span of the nozzle.

For easy installation, this faucet comes with a cold water line that is designed to last longer than a hot water line to make the installation process easy. It can be mounted on a single-hole sink or countertop.

This kitchen faucet resists water stains and oil stains thus making your kitchen look cleaner and also making cleaning a breeze.

Best Kitchen Faucet Under $200


  • Has a spout reach of 9.4 inches
  • The spout has a height of 4.6 inches
  • Features two water modes
  • It’s durable
  • It is easy to install
  • Can be installed on a single-hole sink.

3. Kohler Maxton Vibrant Stainless Pull-Down Handle Kitchen Faucet w/ Soap Dispenser

This is a flexible kitchen faucet under $200 with a soap dispenser attached to it for convenient usage and a magnetic docking system for secure docking when not in use.

The temperature memory included in this faucet allows it to be turned on and off at the temperature set during prior usage thus making it easy and convenient to use.

This faucet features the MasterClean spray face that resists mineral buildup for easy cleaning without cleaning detergents.

For easy and faster cleaning, this faucet has a two-function pull-down sprayhead that ensures easy washing and rinsing of utensils.

Enjoy easy installation as this faucet comes already assembled thus all you have to do is put it into your sinkholes without any help from the plumber. This will in return save you money.

Best Kitchen Faucet Under $200


  • It includes a soap dispenser
  • It has a dual-function spray head
  • Comes with a magnetic docking system
  • The faucet features a MasterClean sprayface
  • Has a temperature memory
  • Easy installation process.

4. Arofa A02BY Contemporary Matte Black Single Handle Gooseneck Stainless Steel Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer

For the best faucet under $200 that is easy to use and durable enough to last you for years, go for the Arofa A02BY Contemporary Matte Black Single Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet and you’ll never regret it.

This is an excellent kitchen faucet with a sprayer design that matches the style of any kitchen, and its perfect size and reasonable water outlet angle will fit most kitchen sinks.

This is a durable stainless steel kitchen faucet with all-metal connecting parts and a premium ceramic valve for durability. It passes multiple and repeated tests for construction and appearance before production to ensure excellent stability.

The three spray modes featured in this kitchen faucet help you meet all your cleaning needs with ease. The high arc design meanwhile ensures easy rinsing of large pots and pans.

Enjoy a super easy installation process with this faucet as it comes with an installation video and pre-installed pull-out and water line hoses so you can simply install it yourself without hiring a plumber.

This single-lever kitchen faucet is well known for effortlessly controlling water temperature and flow rate. The retractable system, on the other hand, is responsible for smooth operation, easy movement, and secure attachment of the spray head.

For easy cleaning, this premium matte black kitchen faucet has a fingerprints and water spots-resistant finish thus making it easy to clean your faucet every day.

Best Kitchen Faucet Under $200


  • Has an easy-to-match design
  • It’s easy to use
  • Features three spray modes
  • This faucet is durable
  • Features a single-handle design
  • It is easy to clean.

5. VCOKEN Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer

This is another great kitchen faucet under $200 that fits almost all kitchen sinks and can be used in bars, farmhouses, campers, laundry sinks, or RVs.

For easy usage, this faucet has three washing modes whereby the stream mode is for washing or filling, the spray mode is for rinsing dishes or sinks and the dual aquablade is responsible for rinsing residue powerfully with a wider rinsing range. All you need to do is easily switch to multitasking to meet different cleaning demands.

This is a durable faucet made of high-quality 304 stainless steel to last you for many years without worrying about leakage. It’s lead-free and cUPC certificated.

This faucet uses a single-handle design which makes it easy to control the temperature and water pressure for easy and convenient usage.

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The extended 24-inch pull-out hose and a 360-degree rotating spout featured in this faucet broaden its use range.

For easy cleaning and maintenance, this faucet has a brushed nickel finish that is rust-, corrosion-, fingerprints-, and water spot-resistant.

Enjoy easy installation in less than 20 minutes with this faucet as it comes with a preinstalled hose and water line so all you have to do is just fix it in your sinkhole without hiring a plumber. Follow the manual to help you fix it in minutes.

Best Kitchen Faucet Under $200


  • It matches most kitchens’ styles
  • Has a single-handle design
  • Features a high-quality 304 stainless steel construction
  • Its finish is of brushed nickel
  • The hose and water line come preinstalled
  • Includes a deck plate for 1 or 3 holes sink
  • Easy to install and use.

6. ARRISEA Matte Black Pull Down Sprayer Touchless Kitchen Sink Faucet

This is a touchless kitchen faucet that will allow you to perform all your tasks without involving your hands much since all you have to do is just touch anywhere on the faucet to start or stop the water flow.

The ARRISEA black kitchen faucets use 32-inch Stainless Steel Supply Lines that are 60% stronger than other common hoses. However, you’ll have to pay for extra extenders for the long hose

The 24-inch pull-down hose included in this faucet allows you to easily pull down the sprayer to your preferred corner of the sink.

This faucet uses multi-layer rubber gasket sealing technology which guarantees no leakage during its service life of 10 years. The manual switch on the other hand adopts the level 3 suite design to ensure that it works as well as a new one.

You are guaranteed a 5-year free replacement warranty of a brand new commercial kitchen faucet once you buy this faucet thus giving you enough confidence to buy it.


  • It’s touchless
  • Features 32-inch stainless steel supply lines
  • It uses the multi-layer rubber gasket sealing technology
  • Covered by a 5-year free replacement warranty of a brand new faucet.

7. Kohler R23863-SD-VS Motif Kitchen Faucet

This is a great kitchen faucet under $200 with a sleek design and a classically detailed handle to give your kitchen an attractive look.

Its pull-down spray head features two spray functions whereby the stream is responsible for everyday tasks and the sweep spray ensures a powerful cleaning blade of water.

For easy installation, this faucet comes with a pre-installed hose and spray head and also includes flexible supply lines for easy water connection. It can be installed on a one- or three-hole sink or countertop. The faucet comes with a cover plate.

One of the great features I love about this faucet is the DockNetic magnetic docking system featured in this faucet which ensures secure docking of the spray head.

This faucet includes premium corrosion and tarnish-resistant finish and ceramic disc valves that exceed industry standards of longevity to last you for years.

This faucet comes with a matching soap dispenser thus making it convenient to use and also saving you the cost of buying a separate soap dispenser.

Best Kitchen Faucet Under $200


  • Has a pulldown sprayer
  • Features a 2 functional spray head
  • It’s easy to install
  • Uses the DockNetic magnetic docking system
  • It is durable.

8. Peerless Tunbridge 2-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet, Chrome P299568LF

This is a perfect choice for the best faucet under $200 with the full line of Peerless(R) kitchen faucets that will perfectly add an attractive look to your kitchen.

For installation, you’ll have an easy job as this faucet is super easy to install by yourself without the help of a plumber. It is designed to adapt to a 3 -hole sink and has 8-inch configurations.

Its high arc design swivels 350 degrees to allow for easy and versatile use during everyday kitchen tasks.

The 2-handle design featured in this faucet is responsible for providing total control in finding the perfect water temperature.

This faucet is covered by a lifetime limited warranty thus giving you the confidence you need before purchasing it.

Best Kitchen Faucet Under $200


  • Its design will give your kitchen an attractive look
  • Involves easy installation
  • Features a 2-handle design
  • It has a high arc design that rotates 360 degrees
  • It is covered by a lifetime limited warranty.

How To Choose The Best Kitchen Faucet Under $200 (Buyer’s Guide)

Mount And Dock Style

It’s very important to check the mount and dock style of your faucet before buying as it determines the ease of installation and functionality.

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For better performance and functionality, consider faucets with retractable heads and magnetic dock style.

Control Design

The most common control designs are double-handle, single-handle, and touchless faucets. These three types work differently but at the end of the day, you can choose the one that works best for you.

Single-handle faucets allow you to use one hand instead of two while double-handle ones are perfect for accurate temperature mixing.

The Material

The material used to make your faucet will determine its durability and functionality therefore it’s important to go for faucets made with high-quality materials.

For high-quality faucets, go for the ones made of ceramic, solid brass, stainless steel, or other corrosion-resistant materials.

Spout Height

The height of your spout will determine the convenience of your faucet and its functionality.

Pull-out faucets are usually shorter as compared to pull-down faucets thus they’ll function differently.

In this case, pull-down faucets have a higher spout thus making them ideal for washing and filling tall pots. Pull-out faucets on the other hand cannot be used to fill tall pots.

Spray Mode

Faucets are available in different spray modes, giving you the flexibility to choose the one that best suits your needs and matches your preferences.

The spray mode determines the functionality of your faucet whereby faucets with multiple spray modes perform better than faucets with a single spray mode since they are more likely to meet all your washing needs.

Water Flow

Another key feature to consider is the water flow of your faucet as it determines how economical and efficient it is.

To be on the safe side, go for faucets with a lower flow rate and ones that will help you save water when in use.

The Ease Of Installation

Installing a faucet can be challenging when you decide to do it yourself without involving a plumber therefore you should always consider a faucet that is easy to install by yourself.

Also, consider faucets with an easy-to-follow installation guide to ease your installation process.


Technology is another key feature to consider when buying a faucet. Faucets with high-end technology function better than those without.

For better performance, go for faucets with Diamond seals, shield spray, reflex technology e.t.c.

The finish And Style

The finish and style of your faucet mean a lot to the appearance of your kitchen sink. Faucets are available in different styles and finish thus giving you a chance to choose the perfect one for you.

For your faucet finish, go for the ones with a fingerprint-resistant finish for easy cleanup.

Also, make sure the style of your faucet matches your kitchen design and style.

Additional Features

Additional features are key in any faucet as they ensure easy and convenient performance thus you should consider faucets with extra features.

These additional features include temperature control settings, pressure control settings, and built-in soap dispensers.


Another important feature to consider is the warranty of your faucet as it will give you the confidence you need before buying it.

Brands differ in terms of warranty with some giving longer warranties than others and others replacing the faucet completely while others only repair in case of breakage thus you can choose the perfect one as per your preference.

However, the longer the warranty the better.


Budget is another key factor to consider when buying the best kitchen faucet under $200 to avoid going beyond your budget. The budget of your faucet will include the installation cost as well as the price of the faucet.

If you are on a tight budget, go for a faucet that you can easily install by yourself without spending extra cash for a plumber to fix it.


Getting the best kitchen faucet under $200 can be challenging but the above list will serve you well.

Make sure to follow the above buyer’s guide to help you choose the perfect faucet under $200 that suits your needs and preference.

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